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    Custom Cabins May 2017 eNews



    Spring has finally sprung in the arrowhead of Minnesota.  After the big snow on May first, we were not sure we would ever have spring, but we are happy to report that was our last snow, so now we can plant our flowers and vegetables.


    As the water began to warm and while the air was still chilly, we had fog rise from the lake.  This picture was taken at 5:09 just as the sun was beginning to rise.


    Finally we had flowers blooming on various bushes.  These pin cherry flower blossoms will later produce very small cherries that the birds will enjoy.


    Because we are in such an open area and have visibility to the sky we sometimes see many jet contrails.  These just happen to have been captured just as the sun was setting and definitely left several marks in the sky.


    And then the fish emerged.  First were the Northern Pike's which for this time of year are really quite large and fun to catch because they are such fighters.


    Finally the walleyes appeared.  These seem to be everyone's favorites.  Though these are a bit small, they still are very tasty.  The water had been warm. Then we had a definite cool down and, of course the late snow. Now that the waters are warming up, the walleyes have become much more active.


    Sometimes we can see what appear to be clouds in the far distance that seem to be hanging down from the main cloud and are producing rain. The rain is produced, but because of climatic conditions, the rain never hits the ground. This phenomenon is referred to as a virga.


    Willy has been working to obtain many flight licenses.  His newest one is that of a float plane pilot instructor.  He is now licensed to fly people to outer areas that are only reachable by float planes.  In other words he now has his "water wings".  Congratulations to him.  It could open up possibilities for those of you who may want to fly into remote fishing locations.


    We look forward to seeing all of you who have booked and to those of you who may consider booking.

    Happy summer to come.